AM-GROUP IR-PLAST Sp. z o.o. is the largest PVC and aluminium door and window manufacturer in southern Poland. We offer high quality windows at an attractive price to all our customers.

Depending on individual needs, every customer can choose among windows and doors across a wide range of sizes and colours, based on the Aluplast 4000,  5000, 7000 and 8000 series.  The machine park, situated within the company’s high-tech manufacturing and marketing complex, is equipped with cutting-edge, fully automated RAPID URBAN and ROTOX technological lines. Along with highly qualified staff with years of experience, this guarantees the high quality of the manufactured windows and the unsurpassable aesthetics and functionality.


As we all know, the whole market is facing years of intensive market development, both in the fields of new construction and current resource replacement. This creates great opportunities for development and generating satisfying sales revenues. We would like to note at this point, that a simple economic formula, further backed by the information concerning our company’s modern production technologies, may lead to a long-term cooperation between our companies which will satisfy those customers who respect their investments and seek high quality products at an attractive price.

Thanks to extensive experience and long cooperation with many of our partners, we can offer you economic relations based on honesty and loyalty across the entire sales network, as well as:

  • an offer adjusted to all customer groups, thanks to attractive product prices,
  • attractive dealer discounts;
  • high product quality;
  • constant marketing support, including appropriate computer software, allowing for quick and easy collaboration with our company and your customers;
  • frequent technical and marketing training programs.

Another addition that will provide you with innovative sales possibilities is the introduction of the “plus” package for all window systems (Ideal 8000, Ideal 4000 and Ideal 7000) to our already extensive offer. Your customers will be able to select standard windows or the “plus” package, containing:

  • a high quality, silver-coloured Secustic handle;
  • silver covers for ferrule elements;
  • a REGEL AIR ventilator;

Interesting package pricing will allow you to increase sales revenues.

We believe and hope that this invitation will convince you to contact our advisors and customer care specialists and eventually lead to cooperation between our companies, and then – to mutual market success.

contact us: export@irplast.pl