AM-GROUP IR-PLAST Sp. z o.o., as a producer of PCV windows and doors, has operated on the European market since 2001. The company’s initial export activity involved the sales of windows and doors on the Slovakian market. The establishment of cooperation with a few dozen Slovakian trade partners helped us to manage over a significant portion of the market, whereas the AM-GROUP IR-PLAST windows became a product that is recognizable by a large group of customers.


After Polish accession to the European Union the export sales of the Company have increased significantly. The trade activities were directed on promotion of the Company’s products on the markets of Western Europe. In particular, the sales developed on the Austrian market. Our cooperation with Austrian construction companies, developers and individual customers resulted in many trade contracts.

The scale of export sales helped us in 2005, based on the previous sales structures, to create an Export Department whose task is to provide comprehensive foreign customer service.

Everyone who is interested in cooperation with our Company is requested to contact our Export Department. Our sales specialists are at your disposal and shall provide you with detailed information about the trade terms.

contact us: export@irplast.pl